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Newsflash / 26. & 27. April 2017
Posted on 22.04.2016

26. & 27. April 2017

The topics of the 19th European Shopping Center Symposium on the 26. & 27. April 2017 will again be set by an advisory board in the fall.

One issue that has lately been discussed in the industry already has a safe place in the program for the following European Shopping Center Symposium. Next year we will be talking about the re-use of retail space.

What to do when shopping centres have become too large for their location, function, and the changed consumer behaviour? What if the concentration on top locations in retail continues to grow and consumers get better at online shopping? How can retail parks be converted, when consumer behaviour is subject to changes on a regional level?

If you have ideas for topics over the course of next year, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be glad to exchange ideas.

On behalf of the Symposium team
Hania Bomba