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The topics of the 21st Retail Symposium by RegioPlan revolve all around

Retail | Shopping Centers | Investment


The event, titled "RETAIL ON THE MOVE," offers attendees an in-depth look at the tangible future of the retail and retail real estate industry, backed up by data and strategies.

This year, once more, we bring to the podium top experts from the retail and shopping center industry, as well as the most sought-after future and consumer researchers to the podium.

Renowned international companies will discuss the status quo and future trends of the retail and retail real estate industry: from multifunctionalisation of shopping centers to market due diligence for investment decisions.

Presentations, discussion rounds and exhibitors will create an ideal platform for networking and knowledge transfer.

Communication is key - and we believe in it! Be part of THE industry event of the year.

We look forward to seeing you!

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